Friday, May 13, 2011

Mini Jars

You will never guess where I found these little jars on the left.
My dogs dug them up in the back yard. The dogs dig in the summer to find a nice cool place to nap. They are always digging up pieces of glass like plates and bowls or jars. Sometimes the jars are not broken . They are very dirty and I do clean them some but not much has you can see.
Now the jars on the right belong to my mom or grandmother. I am sure they set is a china cabinet somewhere at one time. But now they are hidden away in a kitchen cabinet. So sad don't you think?
The jar with the label still on it might not of been found in the yard. I think that one is just an old medicine bottle that got mixed in with the others.


  1. Hi .. What a coincidence! I collect old bottles.
    I have no idea of their value but a friend who knows such a lot about them offered to price them for me. We love old things. They have more character and sturdier.

  2. I do love bottles but have no idea what they are worth either.


Thanks come back soon.