Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gallon Milk Jug or Jar

Don't you miss the milk man? I do . I miss getting up and going out to get fresh milk and eggs or even butter at my front door. I wonder if I could start up a new business . Delivering milk door to door. Of course it would not be fresh from the dairy farm. I don't have any cows. I would have to go to Wal-mart buy some than bring it to you. That might not work. There would be to big of a mark-up in the price. LOL!
Here is one of my mom's old milk jugs or maybe my grandma's or aunt Lucille's. She had a dairy farm way back in the Missouri woods. We would go for a visit and have to draw water from a well and us the outhouse. If it rained the creek would rise and we were stuck. No getting across that creek. My uncle David also had a dairy farm. I think he always had a bathroom. But not my aunt Velma her outhouse was down a steep hill and one wrong step and down you went. No need to use the outhouse after that fall.
  And I don't know anything about the little glass boot except it is so cute. If you would like to buy anything on this page just let me know. Make me an offer I can't refuse. Have a great day.


  1. Wow! You have some pretty fabulous finds- If I were you I would list a bunch of these on You could really make a decent amount cash from these and personally- I like Etsy a lot more then Ebay. Its a lot more user friendly, less clutter on the site over all.

    Check it out- and I will keep checking back to read all of your wonderful write ups on these.


  2. Thanks!!! I will check out Etsy.


Thanks come back soon.